About us!

Our Testimonies


I grew up in a great Christian home in Mill Springs, North Carolina.  At the age of five, I made a profession of faith in Christ, and as a senior in high school the Lord began to burden my heart about preaching His Word.  After graduation, I enrolled in Crown College, in Powell, TN.  It was there the Lord began to plant in my heart a desire for missions.  After graduation from Crown in 1999, Teresa and I were married at her home church, Fellowship Baptist Church in Wytheville, VA, where I got full assurance of my salvation, and where we have had the opportunity to faithfully serve the Lord for ten years.


I was saved on January 16th, 1997.  I had made a profession as a child, after many years of doubts and uncertainties; I wanted to have full assurance.  After a soulwinning training session, I returned to the classroom I taught in, and my friend Jennifer and I began talking about my doubts.  She told me there was only one conclusion-saved or lost!  I bowed my head and prayed and accepting Christ as my Savior.  I thank God for saving me and giving me a home in Heaven. Praise the Lord!!!

Our Call To Missions

While attending Crown College, the Lord began to deal with my heart about church planting.  After traveling to the northeastern portion of America, the Lord confirmed in my heart that He wanted us in stateside missions.  After graduation, Teresa and I came on staff in her home church, Fellowship Baptist Church in Wytheville, VA, under the leadership of Pastor Donald Drake. In November of 2006, the Lord enabled me to travel to Alaska on a construction mission’s trip.  While on this trip, the Lord opened my heart and my eyes to the people of the 49th American state.  I returned and continued working in our church, constantly praying for God’s direction.  We answered God’s call in the fall of 2008, and under the leadership of our Pastor, have been accepted as missionaries to the state of Alaska. God is continuing to bless our lives; He has given us four boys to raise in Alaska for His glory!

We believe that the King James Version of the Scriptures which make up the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible, are the verbally, inspired, inerrant, Words of God, and that the Scriptures are providentially preserved, kept forever by Almighty God without error or omission.  We believe that a Christian’s only rule for what he is to believe about God and how he is to serve Him, must be Scripture alone. (II Timothy 3:16, Matthew 4:4, Psalms 12:6-7, Isaiah 40:8, Luke 4:4)